Due to time constraints, we are NOT taking any orders on any 1911 work.  We may resume again in the future. This page is provided for informational purposes only.

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Prices are for labor only.  Please keep in mind that this is a full custom shop and these prices are for our most basic services.  We work closely with customers to build dream guns and we are not restricted by this list, which prices are outdated by several years.  Again, this page is provided for informational purposes only.

Action Job

Match Trigger Installation $35.00
Trigger Pull Weight – 4lbs $115.00

    Most action jobs with a pull weight of 3.5 to 4 lbs. can be properly achieved on “box stock” pistols without the purchase of replacements parts.  Gemini Customs may recommend replacement of certain components to ensure the customer receives an action set up to meet their individual needs.  Gemini Customs reserves the right to turn down customer requests for action jobs that will not meet safety and reliability minimums.

Accuracy & Reliability Work

Non Ramped Barrel Installation $225.00
Ramped Barrel Installation** $295.00
Throat Barrel and Polish Feed Ramp*
Flute Bull Barrels 6 x .250 x .030
Flute Barrel hoods 6 x .125 x .020
Lower Ejection Port** $50.00
Full Length Guide Rod Reverse Plug $50.00
Reverse Plug “Acculock” Supported Type $85.00
Polish and Adjust Extractor $40.00
Replace Ejector with Extended Type $25.00
Match Bushing Installation* $35.00
Fit Hybrid Barrels Ramped $375.00
Non-Ramped $340.00
Tighten Frame to Slide Fit** $150.00
Fair Back Ejection Port** $40.00

(*included in barrel installation, ** pistol will require refinishing)

Ergonomic & Function Enhancement
Most function  and ergonomic enhancements will require refinishing of the pistol.  Please consult with us for guidance on the finish that will best suit your particular requirements. 

S&A Magwell Blend and Installation $150.00
Cocking Serrations/Front Slide
Snakeskin Cocking Serrations (on bare slides only)
Dragonskin Cocking Serrations (on bare slides only)
Diamondback Cocking Serrations (on bare slides only)
$125.00 per side
$125.00 per side
$150.00 per side
Single Side Thumb Safety Installation $60.00
Front Strap Checkering: 20LPI,25 LPI,30 LPI, or Golfball
includes hi-cut re-radiused grip
$ 325.00
Ambidextrous Thumb Safety $95.00
Wilson Beavertail Grip Safety Installation $110.00**
Brown Beavertail Grip Safety Installation $110.00**
Serrate Heel of Slide
Fast back slide treatment with serrations
Fast back slide treatment with snakeskin scales
$ 150.00
$ 175.00
Snakeskin, Fishscale or Scallop Front-Strap Treatments $300.00
Diamondback Front-Strap Treatment $375.00
Dragonskin Front-Strap Treatment $350.00
Flat top slide with serrations 30 or 40 LPI $175.00
Flat top slide with Snakeskin $225.00
Flat top slide with Diamondback $250.00
Bobtail Conversion (machine work only) $175.00
De-Horn & Bevel Carry Package** $225.00

(*included in barrel installation, ** pistol will require refinishing)

Due to differences in the amount of surface preparation required to achieve distinct results in grade or appearance, refinish prices apply to the actual cost of plating, re-bluing, or application of polymer type finishes.

Service, Tactical and Master grade finish preparation will vary according to condition of pistol and customer requirements and will be prices accordingly.

Any combination of finishes can be utilized for customer preference.  Customer request options will be priced at time of request.

Hard Chrome Entire Pistol (shipping not included) $300.00
Hard Chrome Magazines $15.00 ea.
Polymer Finish Entire Pistol (shipping not included) $275.00
Polymer Finish Magazines $15.00 ea.

Sight Work
(other sights and sight cuts are available upon request)

Bo-Mar low mount rear sight (meltdown $125.00
Heinie Rear Cut $65.00
Hienie Rear Meltdown $175.00
Heinie Front Cut $35.00
Novak Rear Cut $60.00
Novak Front Cut $35.00
Wilson Front Cut $35.00

Minimum Charge Explanation
A minimum labor charge will be applied for the replacement of broken, damaged or worn parts (recoil spring, sear spring, plunger tube, etc) found during the maintenance or customizing of the pistol.

Test Fire Charge
All pistols must be test fired before they are returned to the customer.  Gemini Customs LLC will supply the ammunition with the test firing charge.  Ammunition is FMJRN.  If you require ammunition of a specific type, there will be an additional charge for any difference in cost.

Test Firing Charge $ 55.00

(*includes complete preventive maintenance inspection of all parts and assemblies and test firing.  Does not include the cost of any required replacement parts)


Bobtail™ Conversions


We are now offering Bobtail ™ conversions for the unbelievable price of $145.00 (machine work and hand-fitting only).  This does not include replacement Bobtail mainspring housing.  This is a very practical and attractive ergonomic enhancement for any 1911 pistol.  If you can’t afford, but always wanted, a bobtail 1911, here’s your chance to take your existing pistol and transform it at a great price.  What a deal!

Checkering – 20, 25, 30 LPI   

We are currently offering 20, 25, 30 LPI checkering, Fishscale, and Snakeskin checkering.  This includes hi-cut and re-radiused front-strap treatments.  You can pay more, and get less, but why?  Take advantage of this value priced ergonomic enhancement, one of the best in the industry!

Dragonskin, Fishscale, Snakeskin

Welded-on Magwells

A welded-on magwell funnel and front-strap checkering have always been recognized as the epitomy of a full custom 1911.  Trouble is, it has always been too expensive for most people to afford and hard to find a pistolsmith that even offers it.  Not Anymore!  Through a cooperative effort with Scott Mulkerin of SDM Fabricating and Gemini Customs, we can now offer you one of the most beautiful and ergonomically correct enhancements to your 1911 for the value price of $300.00, not including parts.  This is available for Carbon Steel guns and Stainless Steel guns.  If you’ve ever wanted it, now is the time. 

Heine Rear Sight “Melt Down” Treatment

Nobody does Heine rear sights as smooth as we do!  Can we do one for you? Machine work and meltdown $175. 

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